Dumb Laws

Connecticut Dumb Laws

ConnecticutIn order for a pickle to officially be considered a pickle, it must bounce.

It is illegal to dispose of used razor blades.

You may not educate dogs.

You can be stopped by the police for biking over 65 miles per hour.

In Hartford, Connecticut, it is illegal to kiss your wife on Sunday.

It is illegal to discharge a firearm from a public highway.

No one may use a white cane, unless they are blind.

Cattle branding in the United States did not originate in the West. It began in Connecticut in the mid-nineteenth century, when farmers were required by law to mark all their pigs.

It’s illegal to clam at night in Connecticut.

In Connecticut any dogs with tattoos must be reported to the police.

In Connecticut it is illegal to pirouette while crossing the street

Druggists in Connecticut must pay $400.00 each year for a license in order to use alcohol in compounding prescriptions.

Atwoodville: A local ordinance prohibits people from playing Scrabble while waiting for a politician to speak.

Devon: It is unlawful to walk backwards after sunset.

Guilford: Only white Christmas lights are allowed for display.

Hartford: You aren’t allowed to cross a street while walking on your hands;

New Britain: It is illegal for fire trucks to exceed 25mph, even when going to a fire.

Southington: Silly string is banned.

Waterbury: It is illegal for any beautician to hum, whistle, or sing while working on a customer.

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