High Blood Pressure

When a physician remarked on a new patient’s extraordinarily ruddy complexion, he said, “High blood pressure, Doc. It comes from my family.”

“Your mother’s side or your father’s?” I asked.

“Neither,” he replied. “It’s from my wife’s family.”

“Oh, come now,” I said. “How could your wife’s family give you high blood pressure?”

He sighed. “You oughta meet ’em sometime, Doc!”

One comment on “High Blood Pressure

  1. your blood is being pumped by your heart into various valves and arteries and capillaries, when you are at rest for a while, some of the tubes that your blood moves through bend up like a garden hose… so when you stand up, all the blood that was waiting to move through starts to gush through, and that affects the overall pressure in your body

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